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2:32 a.m. - 2002-06-05
me salt lake in love her
So, I know I haven't written in a while, but it's been pretty up and down the last few weeks, not in my relationship, which for once has been and stayed at a perfect pitch of "up", but the rest of my life which has maintained roller coaster status.

We went to Salt Lake City for a few days, me and Heather, on the way up, we were going about 90 miles an hour, speed limit 75, when a motorcycle flew by going like 120 miles an hour, passing people on the left shoulder. I told myself, yeah he's retarded but still cool for going 120...

Point being, 5 minutes later I see an unmarked cop car with it's lights on, the cop was driving a TAURUS it took him about 5 minutes to catch up with me, I let him pass and he went on to catch the biker..

5 minutes later I saw the biker fly down the other side of the highway going 120 still. The cop in the Taurus saw him too and tried to cross the median, but of course he got stuck in the grass and bushes and the ditch and couldn't get acrossed, I died laughing as he backed out and sped up ahead trying to find a better place, i'm guessing cycle-boy got are now my personal hero...

Salt lake was great, Heathers friends, especially Harold are cool as hell. We spent most of the time outside coffee garden talking to everyone and drinking and smoking, and we drank crappy low alcohol content beer until we were slightly buzzed, while everyone else was drunk off their asses being used to it.

The drive back was really nice, and I wish it hadn't ended, as soon as we got back to Vegas, everything went bad, drama with my apartment complex, drama with my truck, the car dealership, things breaking, getting them fixed, them still being broken, me getting them fixed again. All in all though, the truck will be badass once everything is fixed and I sell my honda civic. Yeah I bought an 89 ford bronco on a 3 inch lift for absolutely no reason. It's got balls though, and is fucking huge.

A bunch of other bad crap happened, but I don't feel like getting into it, all this got me really stressed out anyway it was just really nice to have support when I think I felt horrible.

She's really great about everything that happens, any problem or trouble or anything, she's right there by my side.

God, I love her.

We went to Little Ceasers, and picked up pizza, on the reciept instead of a last name it just said "him and her"

I liked that. We also got a new puppy to go along with our two cats, a little 1 year old pitbull/lab mix, gorgeous. Don't know a name yet.

I saw a billboard the other day from Saint Paulies girl beer that said..

"Life's better with a girl"

Damn skippy beerman..damn skippy.

Ok, i'm gonna go because i'm sick, and I don't have anything to say, and i'm getting all mental misty eyed and mushy and I hate that crap. Just know that no matter what happens in my life, I don't care if everything I own dissapears, i'm fucking happy as hell, because of her.

<3 night kids <3



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