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3:13 a.m. - 2002-06-20
Many things and nothing have happened since I last wrote. One quasi eventful night, me and Her went for a drive with our puppy loki out to a mountain that overlooks Vegas. It's not so bad from far away, all the lights against the pitch black horizon. If you raise your left hand you can blot out the strip and it looks like you're looking into one of those snow globes. I think it still would look better as a desert, but ah, such is life.

11 days and counting until I leave the desert and head back to the east coast, with a few stops on the way.

I've been having weird reflections lately. I open my eyes and I can't accept that what I see is reality. That the way my life is, really is the truth, and not just some dream I haven't woken up from. It's a weird feeling, especially when it constantly happens. I guess it's a good sign though...

k, bye.

night kids <3



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