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8:51 p.m. - 2001-07-07
I hear your voice

look in your eyes

end the truth

start the lies

My soul withers like the unloved flower

tonight will be my darkest hour

I see it coming before the dawn

emotion existed now its gone

memories of dreams held strong

wither and die before to long

once there gone theres nothing left

except darkness, emptiness, short of breath

Panting, heaving, sweating, dreaming

all reality is fake it's seeming

I cant hold on, ive nothing left.

except darkness, emptiness, short of breah

I cant take it anymore

i dont know whats in store

communication opens the door

shivering my soul down to the core

Happiness is a dish best served to those who fucking ordered it.



Yeah its definitly 4:00 in the morning.



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