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9:19 p.m. - 2001-07-05
I remember a conversation between me and two friends. Well, it was a conversation between me and one friend, and another friend who stared at us in blissful ignorance. This taking place at a Dennys™ in New York a few years ago.

We were discussing Anarchy. I am a full blooded Anarchist, not the bomb wielding, chanting psychopath depicted by the Media™ and the Goverment™ whenever it gets the chance. These people are so wrapped up in the Anarchist image, they don't realize the image has nothing to do with Anarchy at all. I'm an Anarchist who truly strives to see our world reach a utopian society, where government and police are no longer in power, AND are no longer NEEDED.

My position during this current debate, was at the present time, our society was not ready for such a drastic change. People themselves are to greedy to not steal if they know theres noone to stop them. People are to lazy and selfish to work, if everything was free.

I seek a society where people work together to create life, happiness, and strive only to gain knowledge.

My position was that this could not happen until we truly learn who we are. Until we learn what it means to be alive. Not until we can learn to put down petty arguments, put down trivial things like who has the most money, the nicest car, etc. Money and Cars aren't evil themselves, but the yearn for them, at the cost of another, is quite another matter.

My position is since we have the resources, if we worked together, and with the enviorment, there would be no need for money, government or police. We have the resources we need for everyone, all over the world, to be happy, and content. However others would be overly content, even if it meant the starvation of another.

I'm not going to go into the entire explanation of how my Anarchist theory would work, how the society would function, because most people reading it wouldn't understand it, not yet letting go of the things mentioned above, would only question everything, not understanding it's the questions themselves that are the problem.

My friend after discussing this with me for several hours looked at my other friend and asked his opinion.

My friend thought for just a second, and replied, I like cheese.

That was all. I remember it even to this day, because I realized that all of our talk at the end of the conversation, still meant nothing. Instead of ranting on and on, I could have simply said, I like cheese, and the end result would have been the same. Nothing happened.

Well, ok maybe thats not entirely true. I do a lot of work for the Anarchist cause, so maybe if you replaced me with the general person™ and gave him my views, all the talk would mean nothing, because all talk is is noise unless you do something about it. Our entire nation is nothing but a bunch of noise. Conflict, arguments, war, society, just noise.

It's time we started to do something about it.


First Target: New Castle, PA

I'm gonna start a domain name in a couple weeks, for Mission:Life, and start recruiting people. I guess it's in my own way, a small part that I can do to open up the eyes and minds of society. What makes me so egotistical that I think my mind is open? Well, I don't know. I'm sure i'm closed minded myself when it comes to certain things. Then again, I would want someone to come to me and tell me. =)

so anyone who reads this on a regular basis, wait a couple weeks and wait for the link. It's going to be grand..

As of me, I have again gone undecided, knowing fully I was going to move back to NY, have again struck a wall, and decided maybe it would be best to stay here.

Ill write why later, Ive just been notified I have to chat now. =)

Ill write more later.

For now, we must say farewell for now to Novello, of the Cult of Novello, please click here to remember. He has left us and gone to Philly. *sigh*





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