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really fuckin late - 2001-07-09
So Dan tell me (if your view isn't already semi-obvious) Is man naturally more "good" or "dark" {some people don't like it when you say "evil" =}. If good= how do you support this. If bad= how can there ever be utopia? My view, we go by our basic nature more than our rational mind.


Well, I don't like to rant and rave *coughcoughcough* =) but I'll tell you how I think.

Good, evil, light, dark, I suppose this would all be in the individuals heart. You can always tell the naturally good people, and the naturally not so good people. However, I think this is all based on surrounding environment, and the way in which they grew up, there genes perhaps, now granted a small few slip through the cracks and are just plain mean, or just plain nice but for the most part, I think it has to do with the above. This being because I feel that in general, people are naturally greedy, selfish, self serving, uncaring, and looking out for #1. However some of them choose to act a different way because society tells them to. Some people pretend to care about something, feel bad about something, or act a certain way because society tells them this is the acceptable thing to do. This has been so embedded and brainwashed into their mind, that the general census becomes there nature. How they would act had they been let alone, I think would be the aforementioned greedy etc. etc., some people, generally being more intelligent than the general population, and therefore in most cases being able to ignore what society tells them is right and being able to make up their own minds on things, will probably seem a little less uncaring then the next person, and in some cases very uncaring, next to nothing. This doesn't mean that they are mean people, or evil. It just means they don't pretend to care about things because people say they should.

So, point blank, people are greedy and selfish and self-serving, and although the majority pretend they aren't and go about their lives doing nice things for people and treating people well without ever knowing why their doing it, some of us still maintain our own ideas on things.

All of what I just said will sound completely stupid, and make no sense, and make me sound a bit confused to a lot of people who read it. This is for one, because it's quite late, I've had a long day, and I didn't stop and think about this I just started typing and didn't stop. And two, because most of them already have ideas embedded in their mind, and therefore will not even stop to actually think about what I said , but will call it stupid, on principal.

To those people, I say

BAAAA..BAAAA..and again I say to you BAAA.

Thank you.

I hope this answers your question, if theirs anything you want me to deeper on, or explain or anything, definitely let me know! My minds kinda drawn a blank lately.

Yeah i just read that over, can you say, run on sentence? Ok. I'm going to bed, maybe i'll elaborate a little more clearly in the morning.





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