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11:07 p.m. - 2001-06-18
Wow, how much shit can you fit in a bucket?

I am content.

Let me first start off by saying that I hate people. I think there stupid and retarded and when it all boils down to it all we are is an evolved bacteria that grew off some pond scum back in the days of yore. And I say evolved only for arguments sake. I think we devolved personally.

I hate people, I hate God, i have Government, I hate authority, i hate idiots, I hate retardation, I hate all forms of racism, I hate sterotypes, I hate everything.

However, for the first time in a while, I feel again like I have the strength to fight it, I feel so content with the things in my life right now that I can once again become the raving sarcastic cynical in your face piece of shit ranting motherfucker that everyone loves. YOu know all that in a good way. I used to be the outloud outspoken SOB who preached out philosophical bullshit in diners @ 2 in the morning over 5 pots of coffee. Since i moved here ive become more or less very quiet. Unless provoked.

But now I have new friends. People I could trust, if I trusted people, which of course I don't.

But you know what I mean. ACtually you probably don't. I'm usually the only one that knows what I mean, everyone else just nods and smiles like the sheep they are so that I won't know...God there retards.

I don't rant and rave for your enjoyment, or so I can be trendy-anti-social™

I do it because I have no choice. AND I don't sit here masturbating bitching and moaning. I masturbate, bitch and moan, and then do something about it.

but you dont just think that im full of shit, and thats ok.

Cuz I would slit my wrists before I gave a shit.

in the words of every motherfucker lying to someone on this planet.

Love ya




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