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11:09 p.m. - 2001-12-16
Bah Fucking Humbug
Christmas, yet another example of society fettered down by market structured consciousness. It is absolutely the most discusting and revolting act of humankind i've ever expieriencd. Hounds of people in mock "good cheer" slapping eachother with insults over the last "X-box" on sale at Walmart, flipping eachother off in the mall parking lot packed full with morons. Even the elderly have handguns in their pocketbooks and holsters on their walkers. Garder belts now have three million dollar alarm systems, and medicare now supports billing for ammo.

Parents in the neverending search for peace and fucking quiet terrorize their children with rumors of the fat midnight burglar. Bribing their ignorant and innocent children with gifts if they would just shut the fuck up for three minutes.

It's commercial, and it's also a fist full of lies which goes along with the trend everything in life tends to follow.

I have a little secret kiddies, last xmas on the way home from little johnnys house santas sleigh crashed into a mountain, it took 48 hours and three hundred elves to pluck his fat jolly hide from the snowbank, in the midst of his wait, Santa ate all the reindeer, so he's not coming this year.

I stopped believing in the fat man when I was 3, I left out baked beans one year instead of cookies and the next day my dad was practically shitting his pants, I put 2 and 2 together. And i've been an atheist for 6 years.

So I don't celebrate Christmas, I think it would be hypocritical if I did. And all these people who have lost all sight for what this once proud tradition used to be, yet still put on their mock smiles and pretend to be possessed by the Xmas spirit like some kind of runaway demon make me sick to my stomach. There is no Christmas spirit anymore, everything has been played out and commercialized by The Gap, and parents lie to eachother and to their children. And if I see one more of those "Give a little love" commercials I swear to God i'm going to slit my fucking wrists.

Terror. Money. Lies. Society. And I live in upstate NY so A SHIT LOAD OF FUCKING SNOW. Yeah, i'm real god damn happy about this god damn holiday.

Why do people need a reason to care about their families and friends, why concentrate it all on one day.

If I was lucky enough to own a family, i'd appreciate them every day.

I guess people just take it for granted.

And people wonder why I hate this season.

Not to mention everywhere I go I have to hear this fucking music, who wrote this crap, the baby jesus this and the baby jesus that, and santa, and mistletoe, and dominic the fucking donkey, what the hell is that nonsense ????

Anyway, in short, if you really love Xmas and all, don't let me ruin the fun, but for all you fucks out there celebrating it just to get shit and go along with social trends, stop. Stop it now. Your making me sick to my poor frazzled little innocent stomach.

On a lighter note, i'm thinking about getting a tattoo. That's right, I said TaTToo. Because I can spell.

*slits wrists*

Happy Christmas, and wait till you get my new years entry.

Night Kids.




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