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4:32 p.m. - 2001-06-27
People tell me quite often that I am going to Hell. I know there is no God, but if there was, I doubt he would leave such important decisions to the hands of the likes of you. They don't like "Faggots" so God doesn't as well, they don't like "Niggers" so God doesn't as well, they "live" a certain way, therefore God pronounces in his infinite wisdom that all shall do the same. Yes, how conveinent it must be to have your own personal Almighty Deity in your pocket who would speak through you.

I have nothing against people who believe in God, if you could look through all the truths of life and still maintain a strong faith, I not only do not have something against you, I commend you! The ability to be able to believe in something so strongly without letting anyone else's opinons, and with so little fact to back you up. I seriously commend you for not letting the voices of others effect what you believe. However there are a few things that bother me. One, is people who think it is there duty to inform me not only will I perish in the flames of Hell for eternity after my so called life has ended, but that I should repent now and end my evil ways. I don't come up to you and say stop believing in God, Santa is real eitheir. I don't bother you with my ideas unless directly asked what they are. Don't try and convince me to believe in God simply to reassure your own self doubts. Thanks, you're the best.

The other thing that bothers me about religion is that people are told, how, when, and why to believe. If you are going to believe in an almighty, why let someone tell you how to do it. Organized religion has been, is now, and always be about power, money, and control. Even the western religions, however more advanced in their understanding of life, are used to control people through their own fear of death, and of the unknown. People tell me that religion has done more good than bad...I don't see how that works exactly, ie: the crusades!!! and about a million other wars started because of, and in the name of (Enter diety name here) In the crusades, one faction of a church attacked another village of the same religion, but slightly different, and did not attack the army of that city, rather attacking the woman and children, cutting their heads off and putting them in spikes outside there places of worship, all in the name of the forgiving loving GOD. The entire religion ideal all sprouted from people's fear of death, people don't want to believe that when you die,your just dead, there is no almighty purpose to life, there is no higher meaning, it's just life, you live it and you die, but people can't seem to accept that we are so unimportant. Then of course there is the creation, people can't accept that humankind ia an evolved form of bacteria, some lake had some strange bacteria amoeba that eventually evolved through millions of years into humans, I don't know that for sure, I would just assume because of the way we are now, this is the case, it just makes more sense. How we got here, and how it all started, and where the gases that caused the big bang came from I don't know, and I don't pretend to know, nobody does, but it's simply easier for me to accept that gas's were around forever then to accept that an almighty deity has been all around and one day decided to create life.

Anyway, my point is if you're going to believe in something, do it on your own, theres no reason to have someone tell you your believing wrong and have you change or for heavens sake PAY them to!!!! Especially you Jesus people, the gospel of Jesus hiself which of course is outlawed and proclaimed blasphemy by organized religion has the self proclaimed Son of God telling you not to go to church, but to worship him always in your own way!!!

And its all hypocritical nonsense anyway, the pagans who were attacked by most of the religions we have here in America, had all there ideas raped by modern day religions, such as the christmas tree, and pagans had big celebrations on the days we now have Easter and Christmas, well you guys do, I don't celebrate eitheir considering Im atheist and dont go in for hypocritical behavior, im not going to pretend to believe so i can crappy presents and some jelly beans..but that's me.

I suppose religion is just like everything else in life, people searching for an excuse, people searching for a reason, a purpose, a way to express themselves through OTHER peoples ideas. Other peoples personalities and thoughts.

It just seems so silly, anyway I could go on forever about this,let me finish by saying again I have no problem with religious people, I do have a problem with organized religion and those that won't leave me well enough alone.

I would like to say, that I agree with a lot of things said by this diary on religion, in fact I had read it again for the 50 millionth time and that's what inspired me today. I like how she puts things across, I love the way she writes, and I love the way she thinks. Definetly check it out!! <3

Anyway, I'm off for now.

On a side note, if you have been keeping up the last few days, I'm feeling a tad bit better today. Not really, but at least I can function.

<3 for now.


ARGH, this was taken from my guestbook, to stop any further entries like this, please EMAIL ME, if you have a problem with me, my ideas, or my entries. I will get them much faster and am more likely to respond:

ook, i have nothing against your diary, but if you are so fed up with the God thing and Christianity, or any religion for that matter, then why carry on about it so much? it seems like you are still searching for the truth (?) because you rant about hating religions and such. it looks to me like you are really interested in people's feedback on this, just hate having anything to do with a more superior being than you, like a God, or must have a LOT of spare time to bash other people's opinions. its great that this is a free country and you can say what you want, but if buddhists or jews or anybody else will listen to yor side, consider it, and respect your view, then why cant you respect theirs? hmmm??? just a thought. think about it.

Dear whoever, *sigh* Read again friend, I fear you read the first paragraph of my entry and decided to spew the ideas that have been injected into your mind since you were young, this is my diary, I haven't been "going on about it so much" it's one simple entry in my diary spurred by something I read. Your idea that I don't respect people because of there religions is ridiculous especially considering I said quite the opposite for those who believe their own beliefs without needing reassurance from others or an organization, your comments are appreciated but wrongly targeted, your the exact person that would hear me telling my view, and disrespect me enough to tell me I was going to Hell, its you and people like you who do the disrespecting, I am not searching for any truths on religion, I am set in my opinions and my ways, and nothing anyone can tell me will make me change my mind, because it is all just words, until I die and God himself comes to me and tells me i'm wrong, I will believe what I do. I tell my thoughts only when asked, or here in my personal diary. Please contact me Via e-mail if you would like to further this conversation, I don't want religious debates via my guestbook. I do appreciate feedback, however the things I put here are usually what I am thinking about and it is a way to get them out of my system, this diary is for me, and I do enjoy the feedback, but these are my opinions and my ideas, if you don't like them, I would be glad to talk with you on some odd wednesday or something. Otherwise, you can take the helpful things in, and let all else flow through you into nothingness. <33 Dan



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