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6:55 p.m. - 2003-03-21
Tits for Peace !
Hey, ladies! Are you against the war? Do you enjoy exposing your body to strangers over the Internet? Well now you can combine these passions! Presenting!

Many of us are opposed to the war in Iraq. Some of us have even put effort into letting others know. Protests have been staged, petitions have been signed, congressmen have been contacted...all, universally, without effect. These traditions have failed for countless decades. They're clumsy, tiring, ineffective, and worst of all, boring.

That's why we've created! Now your message of peace will be heard, so long as that message is written on one of your erogenous zones.

normalroach: We accept pacifistic tits of all shapes and sizes. No tits will be refused! Show your support by writing a pro-peace message OF YOUR CHOICE on your tits, then have an adult help you take a picture, and send it our way. Remember, 18+ only. Be sure to investigate your local laws beforehand.

Once enough tits have been collected, we will forward copies of this page to various members of congress, governors, city council members, and school board officials. It's kind of like a traditional petition, except you sign with your boobs instead of with a pen, which means someone might actually read it.

Your face need not be included, pictures from the neck down will be accepted, please tell anyone you think would do it!

It's time to fight back. The site is not up yet, but it will be very soon. Help stop war today by sending pictures and questions to

Dan and company.



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