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2:27 a.m. - 2002-10-19
suck me.
I had about 3 pages written, then the cat hit the keyboard and closed the window. So there goes the whole deep entry on how i'm feeling right now.

Whatever, fuck it.

I've decided to start learning French with Heather.

I've also decided to start writing in my book again, i'm starting from scratch on a few topics.

I wish next September would be here so I could be back in school and accomplishing something. I hate repetitive daily routines that gain you nothing but the ability to pay your bills with no hope for an end to them, but whatever gets me closer to next year I guess.

I'm still in love.

I've also decided to write for a bit every day in my diary before I go to bed, to help me think. So look forward to constant updates, now that I have the time..

Whatever, nobody cares anyway. I've lost all my fans. boohoo for me.




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