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7:18 p.m. - 2002-06-30
Eh...I was going to update, but then I realized if I get going, it's gonna take a while, and i'll never get my packing done, so i'm gonna go finish that now..i'm packing because i'm leaving Vegas tommorow morning and heading back to New York with Heather. yay. k, so whatever, i'll write a real entry later tonight when my bare apartment has nothing in it with the exception of a stained carpet, a bed, a computer, and my pets. For now, i'll leave you with this, which primarily describes how my life is going.

i don't get

many things right the first time

in fact, i am told that a lot

now i know all the wrong turns,

the stumbles and falls brought me here

and where was i before the day

that i first saw your lovely face

now i see it everyday

and i know

that i am, i am

i am the luckiest

what if i'd been born

fifty years before you

in a house

on the street where you live

maybe i'd be outside

as you passed on your bike

would i know?

in a wide sea of eyes

i see one pair that i recognize

and i know

that i am, i am

i am the luckiest

i love you more than i have

ever found a way to say to you

next door

there's an old man

who lived into his nineties

and one day passed away in his sleep

and his wife, she stayed

for a couple of days and passed away

i'm sorry i know that's a

strange way to tell you that i know

we belong

that i know

that i am, i am

i am the luckiest


<3 Dan <3



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