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4:23 p.m. - 2002-04-29
So I did some job hunting today, i quasi formulated a plan in my head of exactly how i'm going to handle it, as well as how i'm going to handle paying off my debt etc, it's just going to take some actual effort.

Everything in my life other then my finanaces is absolutely golden right now. I wake up every morning absolutely delighted that i'm me. Well, i've always done that, who wouldn't be happy to be me, however now, i'm glad that i'm me, living my life. The past doesn't matter because all I focus on is the future.

It doesn't even matter anymore where or what that future is. My goal is PA, going to school, etc etc, but even if I was stuck in Vegas for the rest of my life, it wouldn't matter. Not when it's like this. It doesn't matter what happens anymore, i'm happy. I'm happy with me, and i'm happy with her, and that's all that I need right now, i'll figure everything else out as it comes.

I miss her before she even leaves. When she's not around, she's all I think about. I mean, I don't instantly turn into a useless vegetable incapable of having any kind of funtionality. I have my own life, my own things I need to do, whatever. I just love it when she's around me.

It just feels right.

<3 night kids <3




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