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2:24 a.m. - 2002-04-28
I have nothing of particular interest to say right now...i'm still in love, boo yah for me. I bought Orange Crush today, taste spectacular. I got a Q-boy, the Tawain version of nintendo, we have a bunch of japanese, and chinese game, it fuckin rocks, we're buying a converter for 10$ that'll let us play regular nintendo games on it, and I got a web cam set up, so if i'm online or whatever, you can see me. yay fuckin you.

I'll be putting a real link up tommorow but here it is for now. If i'm online n'shit, you can click on the personal chat crap thing and talk to me, and if you're lucky, I might talk back.

Go throught the list and click on


yay you.



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