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2:39 p.m. - 2002-03-26
Babys are dumb dumb dumb

They are a waste of fucking space, time, and money. Absolutely not worth the investment. Don't give me that emotional sentimental shit either, because as much as you like to kid yourself, your kids don't like you. They're talking shit about you right now to their friends....

Anyway.. I got distracted, I had a point...or something..

Ready..? Here goes..

I was walking on the strip yesterday, then I remembered..."Hey ! I don't walk places" Fuck that noise, so we all decided to take the tram (the lil' cute train thing we have in Vegas for lazy people)..point being, I was waiting in the line thingamabob for the train to roll up and I was smoking a cigarette...I am Jack's complete lack of surprise..ok anyway, I turned my head after I heard some mumbling and swearing from behind me, and I realized...I was ashing my cigarette into a baby stroller....yes my friends...onto a was the single most exciting, wonderful, fantastic expierience of my life..and the parents, didn't do a god damn thing, they just brushed the ashes off the stroller and covered up the baby a I kept doing it..cuz I heard the guy talking about me, saying I was an asshole and he was gonna kick my ass or's another ash on your head scared of the train pulled up and I put out my cigarette, and me and my friends got into the train, and the last thing I heard from this waste of fucking space, was that he had to go into a different car or he'd "have to do something" fucking piece of shit, if somebody ashed my kid, I would slit their throat and drink their blood, and I wouldn't even LIKE my kid.

Fucking people are discusting, that bastard should have kicked my ass..but he didn't...he just sat their and mumbled as if that was gonna make me feel bad or something...

Didn't know who he was fuckin' wit...

Fo sheezy...

Bitch what motherfucker.. done sucking my own dick. that guy..if you're out there, I just have one thing to say..


How you like them apples ?

Yeah I thought as much..

So i'm never having kids, because they're dirty, they smell, they're loud, they cry way too much, and they are absolutely useless, they're like......cockroaches.

They just never shut the fuck up.

I can barely take care of myself let alone a kid. And oh yeah..I hate them..

So that's my story..yay me.


K bye.




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