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1:05 a.m. - 2002-03-24
1 liter of Vodka please...thanks
Sublet your subconscience..

In a manner to which creativty is gained..

Reality is denied..

And happiness, is a foreign concept.

Talking to yourself..

In a manner of conversation..

With opposing viewpoints..

From each facet of your personality..

Only leads in circles..


Like everything else.

Why question the truth when it's easier to accept the lies.

Ideas and theories..thunderstorms of moral value.

Beautiful...but still pointless.

Excuse me, Captain Dramatic..your tables ready.

Check please, table 5, thanks..

Someone gag me before my nonsense dribbles onto the floor.

I'll get right on that.

Alright, enough of that shit. I'm sitting here, thinking about absolutely nothing, you have no idea how time consuming

that can actually be. I wish I didn't so often get lost in thought. Or at least got lost in something more substantial to my

every day life, when it's almost habitual for me to do the complete opposite, seeing a road sign that spins me off into an

avalanche of memories spawning a deeper meaning.



I'm a fucking drunk.

Fuck it Fuck it Fuck it Fuck it Fuck it.

Fuckitty fuckin fuck fuck.

Yeah..i'm retarded.

Night kids.



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