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9:50 p.m. - 2002-02-23
Eh, whatever.
Everything is blending, utter bliss..

Thoughts are kindling, on a night like this..

Dreaming of your tender kiss...

Thoughts are streaming, on a night like this..

Emotions spinning, thoughts are swirled..

Letting loose a lovers quarrel with the world..

I can not let myself hesitate...

Hence the chances dissapate..

Struggling with anticipation..

Hard to keep my concentration...

I want you in my arms tonight..

All these feelings, just feel right..

I swear to fucking God, I did not apprentice with Dr. Seuss...I swear...really, I didn't...

My writing has gone right down the shitter.. Oh well..I have a feeling i'll get my mojo back in say....36 hours ?

Yes...that's it..Just need the proper inspiration...

Love's a good one..

And I feel it now..but it all becomes reality in....36 hours..

I leave Monday drive from Upstate NY, once again, cross country, and although the same as the first two times my end result will be in Vegas, I will be driving there with a short stop in California, to feel love like it has never been felt before.

I'm in love, and it feels so good I don't even want to tell anyone about it, I don't want to share it, but I can't help but tell everyone..

I don't know what's happening to me, but I like it a lot.

It's like being drunk 24 hours a day...there's a nice metaphor...I'll embroider it on my pillow and send it to my mother..

She's a fucking bitch anway.

God I hate everything...

Well...not everything ;)

OK, that's enough ranting for now, i'll keep updating this thing until I leave, I have a lot I want to say, get off my chest, share, but i'm not into it right now, my mind is all muddled, I have plans, and worries, and anticipations, and dreams coming true all around me...and although it's the proper's not the greatest of enviorments..not yet..

I probably won't be able to write anything on the trip, but i'll write it, and upload it when I get there...

If I die somewhere on the road...

Put "Such is life" on my tombstone.

<3 Night kids <3



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