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11:32 p.m. - 2002-02-19
Dan's in love again.
For the past few weeks i've been slack *surprised* in my writing. The only reason this time is different, is I have all the reason in the world to write.

I have fallen in love with the most wonderful girl I have ever met. I absolutely adore her. She is everything I have ever wanted.

For the first time in my life, I truly feel I don't deserve such a blessing. That someone like me, should meet someone like I have, and have that person fall in love...with me ? Well, that's a whole lot of nonsense I would have never believed.

I'm not complaining of course. I'm extremely happy. Happier then i've been in a very long time. the future, expect many many many more entries, and poetry about love. But fear not my friends, there will be plenty of depression in my life to keep my writing entertaining i'm sure. However the power of love will prevail, and i'll continue my endless trek through life, and for once, I think I finally found someone to walk with.

Life is an excercise in futility, and while love being one of humility and self sacrifice, at least brings a small amount of meaning to the above said futilistic endeavors.

Wandering through a dark hallway, for absolutely no reason, and no end in sight, although knowing at some point it will end, this is life, for no reason, no point, no large purpose, nothing to see or feel on the way, and it's quite cold here, almost, dare I say...frigid ? Then...the heat turns up, and it's almost an enjoyable stroll, and although there is no end, nor a purpose, it's not so bad walking here ey ?

....least until I trip again.

Fucking potholes. I'm writing my congressman..

I felt so utterly frustrated today. I can't see my love until a week from Friday. Which is quite annoying to me I must say. However...

I am moving back to Vegas, yes my friends, back to sin city...New York, not working out for me so much, so this monday I leave and begin my 52 hour trek to California, then to Vegas.

So that's where my life is.

I have a new love. <3

I have a new car (98 honda civic)

And a new plan..

OH ! I almost forgot. I've decided to start my own TV show, it's going to be the "Dan show", oh yes my friends, with special guests Cari, Ed, Zack, Ashley, etc etc etc Vegas..doing the things that I do..funny i've decided to video tape myself, and the things I do, and the people I see...and once I have 10 tapes filled up, i'll mail em on over to HBO and see what they think about that.

If they don't like it...

I'll kick their ass.

I can teach them a thing or two about a thing or two lemme tell ya !

So yeah, i'm in love, and although my life at the moment is utterly terrible. At least I can hold on to that.

I know, I know, you were expecting good writing after all that time I haven't written, well I couldn't hook you up today kids, but come back tommorow, I swear, I'll have something for ya.

<3 Night kids <3




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