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1:04 a.m. - 2002-01-31
That reminded me of Chasing Amy
First off...anyone think Diaryland is the wrong place for Stock Market Ad banners ? Come on Andrew, let's get with the program.

I was listening to the moonlight sonata tonight. For no other reason then I felt like it. Which is usually the reason I do anything...

Earlier today I was whisking through my older entries, and i've come to realize, I am quite insane.

I'm also hopelessly in love..

Which is basically the same thing isn't it ?

I went back to my old school the other day and went to the main office. I started groping around in the cardboard box marked "Lost and Found"...

The old secretary who is at least 95...thousand years old asked me if there was something she could help me with..

I told her I was looking for something i'd lost..

She asked what it was..

I told her it was all the promises and dreams and hopes and things of that nature this school promised to provide for me if I got an A average and busted my ass for 6 years, which I did.

She said she hadn't seen it, but I could fill out a description slip..

I took the slip, and decided to fill out a description of the other thing i'd lost more recently.

Item Name: Love

Item description: Everything beautiful, every sunset, every ray of moonlight, every shooting star, every tear on a young girls face, every sob held back by a proud young boy, every long distance hug, every promise ever made, all wrapped up into one being, the embodiment of everything held dear.

Any other comments:If you find my love, hold her close because I can't. Brush her tears away like I would. Kiss her eyelids as she closes them and looks towards the ground. Listen to her stories, and her memories. Appreciate every moment, and never, for the sake of everything this world revolves around, let her go, or you'll end up in this very same office, of your old school, for the rest of you life, hoping some poor soul, will turn it in.

I love you, wheverever you are.

<3 Night Kids <3



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