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11:55 p.m. - 2002-01-28
Ouch...Spam hurts when it's shaped like a dagger !
One more chance..

One more dream..

One more dance..

What's it mean..?

One more love..

One more loss..

So much to gain..

But at what cost..?

To get inside anothers heart..

You must let them inside yours first..

And let them pick your thoughts apart..

Ignore the pain, I know it hurts..

To let someone else inside..

Memories of days past cried..

Emotions you've long denied..

Lust. Love. Hate. Pride.

You must learn to ignore the fear..

Let them in on every thought..

Let them understand each single tear..

A lovers quandry can't be fought...

Sit across them with moist eyes..

Watch them turn away and cry..

Feel the pain as their love dies..

And feel your heart crumble inside..

You've let them in, they walked away..

Head down, eyes closed, nothing to say..

You're love meant nothing, they walked away...

Maybe try again, another day...

It get's harder every time..

A love is lost..

Lost in time..

I've lost many..

In my life..

Nothing cut's deeper..

In the back..

Then a cold hearted lovers knife..

My love, it was betrayed..

But my heart, it can't be strayed..

I will live to love another day..

Though softer..and more wary of what I let my heart say..

I won't give up on you.

I love you too much..

We might stop talking a while, lose touch..

But no matter what happens..

Know I love you..

And in my memories and in my dreams..

I love you..

And in my heart you shall stay..

Until i'm with you...

Ready for my heart to be shattered..

Like the mirror of a suicide victim..

Once again..

For to have my heart broken by you..

Is stronger a feeling..

Whether good or bad..

Then love itself !

<3 Night Kids <3



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