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9:43 p.m. - 2002-01-26
God damn car
So I want to express to you all the daily problems involved in being me. This is the struggle i've gone through so far trying buy my car.

After several failed attempts at getting a decent seller on an old classic car, such as my baby, a 69 dodge charger, I decided to wait till I got back to the West coast to buy one, and that I would settle for a regular car for now.

So I found a really great deal on a 95 pontiac grand am sport for $2000. I go over and check it out, we jumped it, because it needed a new battery, and the thing ran great, it's in decent condition etc, so I decided to buy it.

The next day I got the money from a cash advance on my credit card, and gave the guy the money, got the registration and the title etc, and after about an hour and a half of explaining the forms to the guy, managed to help him fill out a bill of sale.

So I went back to my house, and called my insurance company, told them I was taking my truck off the road, and to insure my car, had them fax my temporary insurance cards to kinkos, and left, drove up to my friend who has a lot where I can park my truck with no plates till I sell it, he then drove me to kinkos, where I got the cards, then headed over to the DMV.

We got there, the first problem was that the signatures on the title and the bill of sale didn't look exactly the same so she wanted to have an investigation done, which I didn't give a shit about so I said fine, then she said "The year on the insurance card is different then the year of the car", in other words, the fucking insurance company I pay almost 3000 dollars a year to insure me, can't type a god damn number in right, and fucked it up. So I was making the girl at the DMV crack up so much at my mock and sarcastic jokes that she tried to help me as much as she could, she gave me their fax number and told me to call progressive to have them fax the new one over, I did, on my cell phone, the guy told me it would take 3 hours to get there, the DMV closed in an hour, so I had to leave.

It was Friday, which meant i'll have to wait till Monday to get it all done. Unfortunatly I already uninsured my truck, which means I have no car until Monday. Ugh.

So today I went out to put the battery in the car, which I did, then I turned it on again, and it spilled some nasty ass liquid all over the ground, I have no clue about anything about cars, so I have to go with a friend of mine who does tommorow to find out what it is...

I just wanted a damn car.

Fuck it. I'll be writing a much more interesting diary entry later. I just needed to get this off my chest.



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