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11:03 p.m. - 2002-01-26
Fucking God damn Christ

Staring at the night

with questions in my heart

begging for time to pass

So we're no longer apart.

I want to be there with you.

Life simply isn't fair.

I want to watch you sleep.

And play softly with your hair.

Sitting on sidewalks

Watching cars as they passed

Hoping for the future.

Thinking of the past.

I hope that you still love me.

The way that I love you.

When the time finally ends.

And I can be there with you.

I'm such a fucking fag.

<3 night kids <3

*thinks* Don't spill your slurpee when you're at 7-11, some poor guy has to clean that up ! It's only a short walk, I swear.



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