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10:50 a.m. - 2001-11-29
Ok, I hate fucking people, I mentioned I bought a 1955 DeSoto..

Well this is what happens..

-I see the car on a website

-I email the guy im interested, call me.

-He calls me, we discuss everything including shipping, he gives me a final price, I tell him I definetly want it and i'll send a check tommorow.

He says ok

-I send out the check

-Next day he emails me asking if i'm definetly buying it because he got a lot of calls on it in the last couple days

-I email him back, yes like I said on the phone, im definetly buying i already sent out the check

-he emails me back saying, oops didnt get your email to this morning and I sold it to some guy in florida who wired me the money

Moral - The other guy offered him more money and I got fucked out of the one thing that was going to make me fucking happy.

He better send me my fucking 6000$ check back or NOrth Dakota is getting blown off the map.

Stupid Dakota hicks.





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