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2:22 a.m. - 2001-11-18
I'm such a flaming heterosexual
As my need for you grows ever stronger

Every day seems even longer

Every night, I grow more alone.

Lost love, engraved in stone.

Eh...anywho, had a good conversation tonight with a new friend, talked to an old love, and now going out to watch the meteor shower that all three of us will be watching, how afuckinmazing is that.

Sorry, way too much coffee in too short a timespan. I just wanted to put this in here to motivate myself to start writing again, i've been putting all my writing off not just my diary. I've become numb, emotionless, a robot, diddling away my daily routines, over and over and over.

Ah well, it changes some day soon, we shall see.

Goodnight for now kids.

I'm off to get drunk on the stars.





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