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11:38 p.m. - 2001-11-03
See my dick, it's as useless as a remote for a car radio
So, i'm a fucking retard. The other night, this girl I used to know invited me to her job, she books bands for a couple clubs out here and she wanted me to come up and see her. So I get off work, I get all dressed up, and I go up there, and you know what I do.

I sit in my fucking car. I just started thinking, i'm depressed as Hell, my life has gone right down the fucking tubes, and my most recent breakup really fucked me up.

Now I know this wants to go out with me, she's been in love with for years, but that doesn't mean she'll be any different and not fuck me over. And I just don't know if I can handle another ride up the asshole chute so soon after I got fucked over this last time, especially with everything else going on.

So I sat there, and then I went home. I never told her for sure if I was gonna be able to come up, so she didn't get mad or anything. The next day I was talkin to a friend and he said I was being retarded, after I talked to him, told him bout the girl he of course said "She sounds different from the others" Well anyway I decided I was just being a fucking retard, so I made plans to hang out with her tonight after work, and she ditched me.

My life is fucking wonderful.

Can't wait till it ends.

So that's my fucking update. My life sucks, my job REALLY sucks, and i'm never EVER EVER EVER gonna find a girl who appreciates what a GREAT fuckin guy I am, so fuck them, fuck life, fuck everything. Everything is fucking DUCKY.


Ok, so i'm overreacting, but i'm pretty pissed off, I had just almost convinced myself I could have a good time tonight when the chance itself is ripped away.

What the fuck is the problem here Houston ?

Someone save me. Please. PLEASE. Or I swear to God...i'll...i'll...sit here and pout, I don't fucking know, but still.

Ok, i'm ranting, I sound like a retard, and I sound like a depressive 15 year old mock trendy emo whiner whining about stupid shit, but oh well, you all know the truth...

I'm 21. HA. Oh well.

Fuck it.





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