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9:05 a.m. - 2001-10-12
Autumn in New York
Don't ever forget that I loved you.

Don't ever forget that I offered.

Don't ever forget that I meant what I said.

All those nights that we talked.

All those nights we sat there, staring at the stars.

All those emotions locked up, fettered by social bars.

If we should ever meet again.

In all the days to come.

Please pretend you don't know me.

I couldn't handle this again.

That was random.

Ok, so i've been a bit slack on my entries, but I have an excuse, im fucking busy, ill soon be updating with everything thats been going on. Short version is i moved to NY, I miss all my friends in Vegas. Zack, Ash, Ed, Brian, Jon, Brad, etc etc etc, Ny is beautiful as it always is though. And i'm actually looking forward to the future, wherever it may lay lead all of us.

For now though, i've been reflecting on the time I spent in Vegas, and the things I did. Well anyway, i'll be writing about all this later.

I miss all you guys. Yes, even you.





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