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2:46 a.m. - 2001-09-25
Follow the yellow brick road
Well, I decided to move to Washington, D.C., well a small town in VA 15 mins outside of DC called Vienna. It's a nice place I guess, nothing like Vegas. I think that may be a good thing. It's also the only place right now besides NY I can get some money up. I have about 6 months to raise 25 thousand dollars, which isn't easy considering i'm an unemployed writer. We'll see what happens, I actually think with the situation i'll be in, in Vienna, I can do it, I won't enjoy it, not something I wanted to do, but it will work out for the best.

After that if everything works out, move to Philly with my friend Ash and buy a house or something.

Everything seems so hollow right now. I'm making plans and doing things to get ready but I can't seem to get motivated, or even care. I want to leave, but theres a few things i'll miss. The few friends i've actually made here, it's gonna be hard. I've lived a lot of places, made hundreds of little circles of friends, but this one is gonna be harder for some reason, to pick up and leave. I don't know.

God, i'm depressed right now. I just wanna sleep. Vienna...God i'm going to be lonely. Anybody in VA need a loser friend to drink coffee with ?

<3 night kids




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