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4:04 p.m. - 2001-08-19
People fucking suck
The last few days were wonderful. I had a great weekend with her. We saw the Others, it sucked, but she was there, being wonderful so it was good. I feel horrible at the moment though. She's upset, someone screwed her over. I'd like to rip his throat out. But I can't. I just feel really bad thats shes upset. Especially considering theres nothing I could do to remedy the situation.

I wish she was here, I wish I could lay here with her and hold her and make her feel better.

I guess i'll just have to be as supportive as I can be. I don't know. I hate people. I hate fucking people who lie. I hate people with alterior fucking motives.

I'm in love, even more so now then I was just a few days ago. Yesterday we went shopping, I bought a bunch of new clothes. yay new clothes.

Ill write more tonight.





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