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12:03 a.m. - 2001-07-05
Happy fourh of JuFUCK YOU a joke, celebrating a country that has grown off the suffering of other societys, raped and stole tradtions, money, power and land from other cultures, and basically wiped its ass with its own flag from the beginning of it's history.

Actually, I missed it, it's 12:03, but to damn bad.

It's funny how the same people who bitch and cry about America, who bitch about politics, even some of my lesser Anarchist friends, will tell you a million different ways to run this country, and what the government is doing wrong. OR they'll tell you like I did a few seconds ago how our entire history is bullshit and they've gotten all their money and power from the backs of others, and the backs of our ancestors, well not ours, yours, my family has only been here two generations, my grandpa hopped off the boat from Ireland not to long ago. Anyway, AND YET even though they do, they will all get together and celebrate our country's freedom, whether they know it or not, they're out their with their BBQ's and their sparklers waving around their flags for freedom. Partying, celebrating, getting sloppy drunk in celebration. It makes me sick. For the same reason I don't celebrate Easter And Christmas, because i'm an atheist, if I celebrate Christmas, no only is it hypocracy, but it cheapens the holidays for those Christians etc who it actually means something to besides presents, the few that there are anyway. POINT BEING I bitch about America, I bitch about our government, I bitch about our history, so I refuse to celebrate today. I went to IHOP, twice. I saw a movie with a friend. I almost went to a skate park, but it was late, and I figured everyone would have left already, quite a dissapointment, I was looking forward to seeing a couple people. ANYWAY, I didn't celebrate it. I wouldn't have, even if I had gone to the festival thingy they had at the park, I would have just sat there talkin to people I knew, ignoring all.

WHY? I don't know why i'm like this, i'm really not this serious in person, so why do I take things like this so seriously, I don't know, i've always been that way, set in my ways, set in my ideas....hmmm, yeah I was gonna put more, but I nose just started bleeding all over the place and now that im done cleaning myself up, im not in the mood. Fuck you know those pamphet things said if I stopped doing coke my nose would stop bleeding, fucking liars =) Maybe I permanently fucked it up. Oh well, i've been all kinds of clean for almost 4 months...wait, I drank once, im such a loser.

Ok, on that note. Later.





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