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6:55 p.m. - 2001-07-03
oooo *shivers*
Deep in the dark of your heart, lies the light to my freedom.

Deep in the recesses of your mind, lies the path to my sanity.

Deep in the blood of your veins, lies my walkway to serenity.

Deep in the warmth of your skin, lies the end to my insomnia.

Deep in the thoughts of your psyche, lies the memories of me.

You can try to forget, to shun out the light, but the path has already been set, and I know it's right, the blood of many others has led the way, and so the sun comes out, and with its warmth creates the day...

And so it is, all wells have been dryed, all other options denied, it's just me, your thoughts, and the memories, of the day it died.

So think of me as it should have been, a picnic in the park, and think of me as I would have been, laughing together in the dark. Distort the bitter memories of lust and hate and pain, and instead dream of us running happily through the rain.

Go ahead and change the past, in the corners of your mind, but in the end, the lies are not your friend, and you will come to find.

That no matter where you run, and no matter how you rationalize, I am waiting in the dark, with half closed pale hazel eyes. I'm waiting for you to shudder, waiting for you to break, and in that moment of weakness, the truth you shall intake.

I'll throw it at you with all my fury from the horror of the past, and send it deep into your mind, in one quick and painless blast.

The lies will end, the truth will be free, and then, and then, we shall see.

To love, to lose, to lie, to excuse, all come naturally to us, the pain, and the hatred too, and especially the lust.

For we are humans, not perfection, it's time we start to realize. We're "evolved" bacteria, the rest is not but lies.

I am here to start the day, along with the sun, then to block it out, and let the darkness run. It shall be such, until I die, to feed off those, who hurt and cry, and turn them loose among the sheep, to let their hatred run deep, among the ignorant that would so otherwise, feed upon, feed upon, feed upon the lies.

<3 Dan

I be da scary man...but not really. That was kinda like Dr. Seuss goes to murder the who's, or How the Grinch stole your heart or something. I really have to stop this whole, poetry on the fly thing. I don't know if its working out. I have a bunch of stuff writte, you now, thats actually good, but I never get around to putting it up here. Ah well, for now, I'll leave you with the Dr. Seuss of horrors.. hehe. Wow <3



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