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2:04 a.m. - 2001-07-01
Well, I am totally dedicated now to the idea of New Castle. I have decided to have a caravan of anyone who wants to go. If you want to go, get ahold of me and tell me a little about yourself, where you live etc...however know that when we get there, you're on your own, which means, moving there prolly isn't a good idea for you, save up money, you have till January, save up enough to live in New Castle for 4 months, which should be enough time for me to get the shop up and start the corruption. That's the plan now, get a group of people who think like me, and go on a 3 month binge of corruption, anarchy, and eye opening propaganda. After the 3 months is up, i'll take the newly founded members of the Cult of Novello™ and the Church of Danism™ and continue them on their education, where you go from their is up to you, you can choose to get a job and frequent the lovely city of New Castle, PA, or you can go off on you're way to a new town.

I can't wait. The idea of opening up a closed off society inspires me so much, I can't even explain it. Everywhere I go, everywhere I've lived, I have always had a group of people that I spout out my philosophies to. I can now have an entire town !!!! It will be the worst thing to happen to New Castle since the Omish started selling Goat Cheese. I need to come up with 25,000$ by January, but no worries, i've made more than that in a shorter amount of time, and I AM in Vegas.

So, no, i'm to excited to start ranting. about anything, I have planning to do. Oh GOD, this is going to be fantastic.

Hmm...maybe I can get some kind of Medical Transcription job from home and work 90 hours a week..

See, this is why people tell me I should always occupy my mind, when I stop getting sidetracked, I get kinda crazy.

If you're looking for interesting stuff to read, go to my older archives, I haven't written anything of value in a couple days. I've been way to busy with my Mission:Life:Reality:Truth.

Have a good Anarchy.




What are the Cult of Novello, and the Church of Danism, well their exactly whay they say. And you should join, because you get cool t-shirts, and uh...anyone who joins is know..and you'll be popular..and uh..all your friends are doing it, don't you wanna be COOL!!!!!




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