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9:54 p.m. - 2001-06-24
Love in all its..
Mind games are the surest sign of retardation and immaturity I can possibly think of.

People are constantly whining and crying about the relationships there in. And yet they choose to continue playing mind games on eachother, pushing eachothers buttons, manipulating eachother, using the fact they care about eachother against eachother.

Even before actually becoming a couple people play mind games of manipulation. Saying certain words, acting a certain way, pretending to be upset.

It's ridiculous. People in most cases don't want a relationship,they want the chase for a relationship, or they want to simply have sex with as many people as possible.

I don't understand what ever happened to love, I know that nowadays love is a term used WAY to loosely. It's become a cheap mock up k-mart imitation of what it used to be. Or maybe there never was such a thing, maybe movies and books just made it up, and once in a while on a very rare occasion a couple reaches that same point.

Love. It's become a game. It's become a joke. People have complicated and ruined every true emotion that was given to them, starting with love, and ending with love.

Love in itself is a complex emotion, but the simplicity of what it could, should, and would be if given the chance amazes me.

If people could lean to care about another person more than they care about themself. If they could learn to give all of themselves to a person. That can never happen though, at least not in the majority of our society. The majority is to wrapped up in it's own greed and self righteousness to care.

People's and thier ego's would never suffer themselves the chance to be hurt.

Why play games? Why do people who can, choose to hurt others? If someone has been hurt before, and tells you they are looking for a serious relationship. IF YOU KNOW THIS ISNT WHAT YOU WANT THEN LEAVE THEM THE HELL ALONE. MOve on, it's fun for you to play games and hurt them again and move on, but after you leave, the damage you've done due to constant pain on that person done by you and those like you is immense, sometimes irreprehensible. Why can't the "players" stick to their own kind and leave the rest of us alone. The 10% of people still left on this planet who are actually ready and in search of a serious commited relationship that one day turns in to LOVE.

I don't understand.

When did we lose touch with our hearts? Were we ever in touch? Why does it seem so few of us actually want something that could be so wonderful? I would think that something such as love, something such as being one with someone, would be so wonderful that the mere chance of having it would set aside ANYTHING else.

I was in love before. She was taken from me. God rest her soul.

Tonight is not going to be good.

<3 Dan



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