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4:32 p.m. - 2001-06-25
guestbook drama
name: mimsy




re: "dancechica00" i don't think it's trendy depression. i think more people than you are willing to admit are genuinely sad. people are mean. especially girls dancechica00's age. a 13-14 year old girl is not a threat to you. be worried that she's sad, it's scary and weird.

Dear Mimsy,

I have no problem admitting that there is a large portion of our society that is generally sad, HOWEVER, that same portion I feel are sad for reasons that are relatively not problems. Yes, the truth of life is that people are mean, hypocritical, fake, greedy, selfish, and out for themselves. Please remember that the things I say are only my opinion, however in my opinion I would say that in most cases, the problems of a 13-14 year old girl mostly consist of this girl talked about me, my mom is being a bitch, and other teeniebopper problems they use to impress there friends with the "trouble of their life in today's society" all of this without ever expieriencing anything outside of there home along the lines of a real problem. NOW, I will admit that there are 13-14 year olds WITH real problems, not all are trendy depression, some are molested, beaten, raped, poor, homeless, starving, etc etc etc, however considering in this paticular case I didn't see that. Again, I have nothing against this girl, shes probably a perfectly nice person, I was simply using her as an example of something I was mentioning before. Eitheir way, I am not threatend in any way by anyone elses depression. Anyone else life be it better or worse off than mine has absolutely nothing to do with mine except maybe being included in some random rant on some paticular day that I feel like going off. Perhaps I was a little harsh but I was trying to make a point. Being depressed has become as popular a trend as any other sterotype, punk, raver, preppy, etc. It's now another label to be used to create a personality and a look that isn't real. There's really nothing else for me to say. I do appreciate your comments. Feel free to write any time, though you can get ahold of me quicker by e-mailing






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