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3:55 a.m. - 2001-06-24
I decided I don't feel like drama-ing up this thing tonight. So instead, let's just say that my third relationship of my life has now ended. Some point within the next three days or so, ill go all out and put down the stories behind each, but I am way to out of it, sick, and tired at the moment.

I had a pretty good night. I hung out with Ash, Jen, and Zack, at IHOP, then went and made a fool of myself.

I am also going to throw in a continuation of the cop story a couple entries back. It turns out the cop wasn't the only one who was a moron.

I just really don't feel like typing at the moment, I would really like to tell all this stuff now, but i'm just not into it.

So, I had fun you guys, thanks, I really needed to get out of the house tonight, get my mind off things, mission accomplished.


The lover's heart forever yearns..

the broken heart never learns..

continually it takes the chance..

tripping constantly as it learns to dance.

Car registration stickers make me chuckle.

Can I get some cherries hahad

<3 Dan



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