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3:24 p.m. - 2001-06-23
I'm still sick.

I fell asleep at 11 O'clock this morning, GOD, I <3 insomnia, I woke up about an hour ago, being 2:30.

I just took a shower, I'm waiting for an hour till I go eat free at the Mirage Buffet. Oh, I am soo excited. I get to sit with a bunch of overweight, self indulging retarded tourists who upon finding out I live here in Vegas might grace me with there highly annoying and scratching voices and ask me brilliant questions such as "Oh, you live here, do you gamble?" Yes, it's a rule, we all gamble. Oh wait, I'm 20.


I was listening to my roomates talk about me last night around 3:00, silly fucks, they know I don't sleep....

They were bitching about my attitude. Look, I pay to live here. I don't pay 350$ a month to be your friend, I pay to get this little crap room in the middle of the desert. Piss off lover.

I was thinking more about my troubles with the whores here. My opposition to those who find sex as common as breathing is really screwing up my dating life.

I think sometimes I might be to picky, but christ, I'm sorry if the thought of fucking everybody I could makes me ill.

I hate sex, its a pain in the ass, it ruins relationships, things are never the same. The relationships eitheir become way to entirely about sex, in which case people only talk to each other to fight about retarded things, OR to make up after there stupid fights which creates the need to sit and giggle looking at eachother and other things that make me quite queezy.

It's just to much hype, like I say about a million times a day, I would rather have one night where I talk to my gf for hours about whatever cuddled up in my room, then a month of great sex..

that is if I could get a gf..

You would think with my dating history I was some freakish one armed beast of a man. I'm not though, Im downright sexy, I might not be the worlds hottest man, but i am far from ugly, well, after I shower anyway...morning is not a pretty sight...

Anyway, I'm done for now, read later.

Ducks are funny, they make me smile.

<3 Dan



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