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1:23 a.m. - 2001-06-22
copps arr dum
I was going to go to bed and pretend I wasn't an insomniac and could sleep...but when I got there, I accidentally remembered.

I'm kinda just sittin here in the dark naked looking at my screen..well not kinda that's exactly what I'm doing..

I applied to about 50 at home jobs today. I'm so damn lazy. I'm willing to work 80 hours a week if I don't have to leave my house to do it.

The other day I got pulled over by one of the brilliant cops of Las Vegas, Nevada...Now..I moved here just recently from New York, so I haven't switched over my this dickfucker pulls me over and says..wheres your sticker..I kinda just looked at him for a little while..then I realized he was serious and I had no idea what the hell he was talking about.

He continues on to tell me that all cars in Nevada have little stickers on the plates saying when they expire.. I explained to him that my license plates weren't kidding when they said "New York" on them, and that I was really was from New York, I wasn't trying to throw him off.

He didn't get my hint..

I further explained that in NY, unlike Nevada, license plates don't have a little sticker. He asked "Well then how do cops know when they expire..." I said, I don't know, I was alseep that day in law school. He told me not to get smart with him. I then let out a sigh and further explained to this genius of law enforcement that NY Plates don't expire therefore require no little sticker..

He asked me to step out of the truck..

I did. He then proceeded to look in my truck, I chuckled softly as he searched through the 3 feet of trash, empty newport boxes and empty bottles of Dr. Pepper..all the fun stuff is hidden under the rug in the bed of my truck heh heh heh...stupid cops..they really just don't get it..anyway..he made me stand there for about 20 minutes..then he let me get back in my truck..when his little report thingy came back and I had nothing on my license or whatever he said I could go BUT he said with a stern warning..if you don't change your plated over in the next week I'll give you a ticket, you have to have it done within 30 days of moving here..

Yeah..I'll get right on that..

Look..I just put it in my palm pilot..

See..your special now..I put it under..things I'm gonna say I'm gonna do and not do for another couple of months..pull me over..I'm truly scared of retarded cops. *shivers*

Anyway, the moral of this that the more sarcastic remarks you make to a cop the longer they make you sit there..I left alot of our dialogue was quite funny, I'm a pretty big smartass when I want to be..

My Advice, if you didn't do anything, and you have nothing to do...dick around with a cop for an hour or two..make smartass comments, he can't arrest you for it, no matter what he tells you.





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