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11:45 p.m. - 2001-06-20
FAKE !!!!
Jesus fucking christ.

I can't stand when people try and "relate" with me. When they try and "help" me, helping of course being waiting for me to finish so they can start there pity story and try and compete shitty lives with me.

For Future reference:

I don't want your help.

I didn't ask for your adice.

You don't know what I'm going through.

You aren't dealing with the same things.

And if you are...I don't fucking care.

So don't come to me offering your services because you met me once 8 months ago, or you think you know me because some little detail you read somewhere that makes you think anything you say is substantial.

This is how I vent my frustration, I don't need your help..

I love it when people turn things around...when they get upset..this is in another direction, say someone is "helping" you out and the topic turns to trust, and you say you don't trust anyone, now the conversation is about you and your problems, but instead of focusing they get all butthurt because you don't trust them. Or try and explain that they wouldn't understand because they've been handed everything on a platter, and they have no real problems, of course saying it in a nicer way, and they still get all pissy...which all leads back to the point that the only reason anyone pretends to care whether they think they actually do or not, is because society tells them they should, deep down every act of courtesy and goodwill has some measure of payback. And every act of caring has a double motive. People deep down wouldn't pretend at all unless they were getting something out of it. If nothing else the pleaure of running to someone else and telling them what a hero they were for helping you with your problems.

People make me sick.




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