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6:02 p.m. - 2001-06-21
Today wasn't a very good day.

I woke up horribly sick. To my utter amazement this wasn't a joke... I really was sick...and it now being almost 13 hours since I woke up, I'm guessing it's not one of those 24 minute bugs.

I took a brisk walk this morning, meaning I got out of bed and walked the 3 feet to my computer. This being opposed to crawling into my office chair and rolling over to it.

I need some orange juice or something.

When I was younger my mother used to tell me that when I grew up, I could be anything I want...well I was looking in the paper today and I didn't see any openings for super powered jellyfish. I did however see in the paper that I was quite still unemployed. Lying bitch.




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