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9:06 p.m. - 2001-06-11
The first tear came..the first of many..

Each it's own individual outburst of emotion..

Every one surprising me with its entrance upon tender eyes..

Every one glittering from the light the stars cast down..

Each one a dagger into my heart..


Looking deeper into your eyes I swam in the hazel green and brown velvet sky until i was was lost in the reflection of myself..

But all that reflection could show me was the hatred..

Why..did you show me this?

Why come to me now with tear filled screams..?

I'm not the cause..

It's your me for not being there but you left me...

Don't blame me for not being there to sing you to sleep...

To lovingly caress your face as you enter the dreamscape..

So cry now..cry away the blame in every direction but towards yourself..

And do it..




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