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When time stood still - 2001-06-10
I refuse to believe in death. I deny the fact that you have been ripped from my loving arms to be dragged away. I will sit here in my ignorance and never face the facts. I will set fire to the emotions that taunt me. I will live in darkness to shun the light of reality. I will ignore the truth. I REFUSE.

Your not dead...

I told you that if you died I would die. I told you that I couldn't live without your breath on my neck. That the warmth of your love kept my cold heart beating.

Well in case you hadn't noticed IM STILL FUCKING HERE. You did'nt die you just left me here. Left me here alone to love nothing. Your little plan succeeded. I do love nothing. I can't feel anything without you. You were what inspired me to feel. There isn't a point to it anymore. I still haven't forgotten. Five years, I will never forget the day you left. I refuse to believe your life can end so quickly.

-Anonymous is all we can ever be.



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